The Morning After


You certainly now the feeling when exams are over; drinks follow, chatting among friends, and endless walks. But what happens when the end of exams coincides with your name day?  The following morning (or is it technically afternoon when you wake up at half past noon?), I found myself in a bed full of blooms and my favorite croissant from Pierre Hermé. Its golden crust is dotted with dried raspberries, while on the inside one can find a perfect litchi and raspberry compote along with a  fluffy buttery rose dough. Combine that with a cup of green tea and you have the perfect start to a sunny and warm weekend.

Take me Away


First there were the Canada plums; then cherry blossoms; then magnolias. Now it’s May and peony season – my favorite part of spring.

  • Summer is coming, and those pineapple cutting instructions by the extra talented I am a Food Blog will be an extra excuse to indulge in them! But who said pineapples are only for summer?
  • Currently obsessed with dinnerware in blue shades (the ones that remind me of that endless Aegean Sea-and summer of course), I found myself puzzled over what to choose from the Crate&Barell Como Collection. Isn’t the Como Splash platter just incredible?
  • As I am preparing for beach time anytime soon now, I searched for Santorini inspired swimwear (such a cliché, – I know), and I think I just found what I will be wearing this summer.
  • I have traveled alone many times in the past, and truth is I love it! Don’t get me wrong- traveling with friends or family is just plain amazing- but sometimes we need to devote some time to ourselves to just relax mentally and physically, something quite difficult when you live by deadlines. This Vogue article will help you plan the perfect solo trip.

Promenade Plantée




Ever since I moved to Paris, I’ve kept a list of places I wanted to visit. One of the first places I’ve listed, (and luckily ticketed off last weekend) was Promenade Plantée. An endless row of trees in full bloom, a few hints of cherry blossom and some beautiful Parisian buildings and facades, constitute the abandoned railway which has been transformed into this green oasis in the middle of 11th arrondissement. We were blessed with blue skies and sun, and as we strolled we the only thing we could hear was the sound of wind blowing through the trees and the harsh footsteps of runners.

Spring Time




If I ever were to create a list with the top places to witness spring in Paris, then Eiffel Tower would definitely be on top of it. Surrounded by a dozen different kinds of blooms, this is the perfect place to soak in the spring sunlight and the blue skies. It occurs to me that I only visit Eiffel Tower in spring time – it’s such a treat to the eye (and to the camera!), how can I resist? – but when I do I spend hours under blooms trying to get a mind-shot of the beauty around me. I cannot wait to sit again under the Dame à Fer, with a glass or two of rosé, chatting with friends about summer plans, and how quickly this year went by.

Odette: Pastel Magic


Strolling around the cherry blossom trees under Notre Dame, is the perfect excuse for an afternoon snack, particularly when the snack is a choux from Odette. Those light airy choux puffs are filled with a generous portion of flavored cream and covered in pastel colored sugar paste. Of course, if you choose to taste them sur place, you can enjoy the view of Notre Dame or the cute Parisian pedestrian street of Rue Galande.

Don’t miss out the caramel and praliné one, they are my favorite!

Notre Dame in Full Bloom




Sunlight pouring everywhere on this warm Monday morning, my feet move fast as I take a last right turn, my hair by the wind and my bag hopping in and out of the small basket in front of my Velib as I pass a puddle street. Oh how I love Parisian mornings by the Seine. As I approach my destination, the cherry blossom filled, Jean XXIII square under Notre Dame, I can hear the wind blowing through the trees creating a pink floor for my bike to ride. Not a single person in sight, I leave my bike and start taking photos. Suddenly, my camera roll has a thousand pink-filled pictures – just like every other person I am obsessed with spring and cherry blossom – which leaves me sad since those blooms won’t stay here for too long. Until next year, cherry blossoms!

Palais Royal




If you have been following along for quite some time now, you would know that Palais Royal is my absolute favorite place in Paris, particularly during spring time. Tucked away in between the art nouveau buildings of the 1st arrondissement, Palais Royal boosts marble arcades, rows of trees in full bloom, a huge fountain and some of the most well-known rose gardens in the city. Add to that, a serenity feeling from the absence of noise and the clear oxygen as well as an iced latte from the Kistuné Café, and you have the perfect combination. I just wished all spring afternoons would be like that.

Kodama Tea Time


Not being a huge coffee fan-yes, I know– rather than a tea one, I always went the long way to find bright tea rooms or just a cup of hot aromatic green tea in cute coffee places. Indeed, finding good tea in Paris is not that difficult. What is difficult however is finding a bright, cute and calm place to work while enjoying a cup of tea. Or at least it was. Recently opened in Rue Tiquetonne – one of the cutest pedestrian side roads of Rue Montorgueil – Kodama is a cute work-friendly tea room with amazing light, clear wooden tables, free WiFi,  and a wide range of homemade hot and iced teas-this place has it all.



Weekend Mornings


Donut: Boneshaker – Bag: Artonomous – Plate: Zara Home


Orange glazed donuts for breakfast-in-bed seem like a very appealing idea, particularly when  followed by aimless walks along the Seine under the warm and sunny Parisian sky. Spring has definitely arrived, and the weather -although a little unpredictable- has been more than lovely. Certainly this could only mean that all pastel colored bags, scarfs and blazers are out, among them a too cute pink powder handmade bag I found during my travel in Greece last summer.


Cheese Pique Nicque





Over the past few years, my friends and I have established a long lasting and respected tradition of hosting a cheese, bread and fruit pique nicque (may I add and a lot of wine as well-we live in France after all) by the Seine. So on a clear Wednesday morning, we all agreed that magnolias and sakura have bloomed enough and it was now high time we organized the first spring picnic.

Pique nicques hold a special place in French culture. Throughout the years, French have gathered around a red and white checkered blanket – I know so French and cliché- to celebrate and, of course, eat. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to host a picnic by the Seine, or in Champ de Mars, right underneath the Eiffel Tower or maybe in Canal St-Martin. All you have to do is fill the blanket with easy-to-transport food such as cheese, bread, sandwiches, pies, fruit, pastries or chips, invite some friends and choose the location you prefer.

P.S. Although I do prefer night picnics, I think that it would be easier to have one during daytime. In this case, take your shopping and hit one of the city’s numerous marchés-french for markets- where you could easily find everything you might need. My preferred market is Marché Bastille (photos are coming soon!) but you can choose the one that is most convenient to you.